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Meet the Photographer

I love photography; it is genuinely my passion, and storytelling is my second love. With over fifteen years in television, I have developed an eye for detail and an appreciation for a good story. Through my lens, I capture your care and concern, which translates into memories. So, whether it’s documenting life’s beginnings or its legacies, let me capture your essence.

Through the years, I have had the pleasure of photographing some extraordinary clients. In addition, I have traveled and experienced different cultures and lifestyles, which has expanded my worldview.

Known for my relaxed, natural manner and ability to make even the most uncomfortable subject feel fabulous, my success is built on stunning images, and strong interpersonal relationships. It is however my images that enchant – true objects of art that will be admired today and later cherished for decades to come.

Santa LeSure Photography’s success is our commitment to take chances and be innovators in visual arts and communication. Running a client-friendly business is our goal.

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